April showers bring yellow-rumped warblers

Object of the Month: 04/2017

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Yellow-rumped warblersYellow-rumped warbler
Yellow-rumped warblerCourtesy SMM

Sighting these warblers is a certain and conspicuous sign of an April spring day as they are migrating northwards to nesting grounds across the forests of northern Minnesota, Canada and Alaska. They’re often seen flitting across lawns or hovering around the flowers on trees and shrubs to catch tiny insects.

Seen in natural habitat
Seen in natural habitatCourtesy Audobon
Yellow patches on the rump, sides and crown are often clearly visible as are the white margins of the tail which is frequently fanned. Shown here are an adult male (left) and an adult female (right). Males will molt into a plumage like that of the female in autumn.