Exploring Form and Function - Peering into a Leaf

Ben Blonder

National Geographic

Ben Blonder in the field with National Geographic

Why do leaves look so different? What controls the form of leaves and what does this mean for plant function? These simple questions about something many of us take for granted are the subject of Benjamin Blonder's dissertation in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. He is one of five 2010-2011 Biosphere 2 Science and Society fellows, a program established to give young scientists the skills and venue to share their research with a wider public audience. Biosphere 2 is an ideal site for his research because "... of the high species diversity and variability in environment" of that facility. Ben will be sharing some of his insight and investigations into leaves through a Wordpress Blog called "Natural Curiosities". Please see his post of 9/2/10 called "Peering into a Leaf": bblonder.wordpress.com