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About once a day assignments

30 Days, 30 Questions

Check the "30 Days, 30 Questions" Buzz blog every day to find a different identity-related question. Ask the daily question to your friends, family, and/or strangers in whatever way feels comfortable (e.g. face-to-face, social networks, etc.) Record their answers and any anecdotes you want to share. Finally, return to the "30 Days, 30 Questions," find the link for the questions on the right sidebar, restate the question, and post your responses on the blog page that corresponds to the question you are answering.

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News Watchdog

Pick a news website or several local blogs and visit the sites every day. Look for an article that relates to less visible aspects of your identity such as religious identity, national identity, sexual identity or generational identity. When you find one, copy the link, return to Experimonth on Science Buzz and paste the link to the article into an new comment box on the "News Watchdog" Buzz page.

About once a month assignments

Smart, Hot, Honest, or Not?

Play the Game: Find out more about your inherent biases by rating the intellect, attractiveness and trustworthiness of men and women of different races. This game can be played at Buzz kiosks on the museum floor or from a computer at home.

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Participate in the Game: Take a photo of your face and upload it to the "Smart, Hot, Honest, or Not?" Buzz blog. Experimonth staff will use identity morphing software to change your race. Your original image and your new image will then be uploaded into the game. Click on the link and log in with the email address associated with your Buzz account to see your morphed photo and results:

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