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The recent death of TV newsman Tim Russert has blogger and journalist Marty Nemko thinking about men’s health issues – how they are addressed in research, and how they are portrayed in the media.

OK, so I get an E-mail every day with links to today's medical stories. One of today's stories involved a study showing that Californians are low users of medicines to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). The same webpage had an ad for Nebivolol, a drug to combat high blood pressure. When I went to the drug information page, I found these two items listed among a variety of potential side effects: "paraesthesiasis" and "upset tummy." No kidding! Seems to me that if you're a person who knows, off the cuff, what "paraesthesiasis" is, you probably would also expect a more technical term for gastrointestinal distress. And if you're writing for a lay audience, don't use the word "paraesthesiasis"! (Want to know what it is?)