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Can you pick out the gay one?: No, actually you can't.
Can you pick out the gay one?: No, actually you can't.Courtesy Jlorenz1

Check it out, y'all: a Polish politician is all hot and bothered (mostly bothered, really) over the Warsaw Zoo's new gay elephant.

"Growl spit growl," stated offended Law and Justice deputy Michal Grzes. "Hur hum growl gay elephant?! Grrrrooowl!"

The elephant in question, 10-year-old Ninio, has not yet reached sexual maturity, but his aggressive behavior towards female elephants and affectionate attitude towards other males has lead many to believe that he is, in fact, leaning towards the gay side of the spectrum of sexuality. Grzes isn't pleased with the idea of giving space in one of Europe's largest elephant houses to an elephant that will probably never even contribute to the deputy's dream of the zoo breeding an elephant heard.

Grzes' comments, however, seem to venture outside the responsibilities of Law and Justice deputy, and have lead some bloggers to believe that he's gunning for the coveted "Minister of Elephant Sexuality" seat next election cycle.

It seems to me, though, that he might be missing the point here. Gay or straight, the awesome thing about Ninio is actually that he is an elephant. What's more, as a recent post on Popular Science's website illustrates, homosexual behavior isn't uncommon in the animal world. (The exception being, no doubt, the Polish government.) So... I don't know, it might as well be represented in zoos too.