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Tech trio wants to change what is tested

Three tech giants, Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco, have banded together to develop new ways of measuring skills and competencies that current and future generation of students will need for successful and prosperous lives in the 21st century.

Changing global educational systems

Based on extensive research, they concluded that most education systems have not kept pace with the skill sets that are required for students to succeed.

Barry McGaw will serve as executive director over leading experts and innovators from both academia and government.

“Reforming assessment is essential to enabling any systemic change in education. And change on a global scale is required to equip students of today with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow,” he says.

McGaw and his team of researchers, especially John Bransford and his working group on learning environments, will look into innovative classroom practices globally and identify those practices that support 21st-century skills.

"In many classrooms, the teachers teach what is measured," said Gupta. "By influencing international assessments, and working with countries to influence their policy and approaches to national assessment, we believe this project will have a direct and large-scale impact on what is taught and how it is taught in schools across the [world]. In this way, it is our hope that this project will help schools move to the style of learning environment that engages the current and future generation of students and delivers to students the skills and competencies they need for successful and prosperous lives in the 21st century."

Skills tech leaders recommend

  • to think critically and creatively
  • to work cooperatively
  • to adapt to the evolving use of information and communications technology (ICT)

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