Weakness of animal kingdom finally found, exploited

A friendly bear provides heat for the benches: A nice change from what bears sometimes do, right?
A friendly bear provides heat for the benches: A nice change from what bears sometimes do, right?Courtesy HolgerE
Since the dawn of humanity, we Homo sapiens sapiens have lived in fear of non-human animals, hiding in shadows, flinching at every sudden movement, lest it be the leaping of a huge, saber-toothed cat, a swipe of the massive paw of a bear, or, like, some sort of big snake.

Defenseless, we have eked out our existence in the puddles and dusty corners of the world, powerless against the animal threat.

Until now!

We’ve finally figured out how to destroy animals: with fire!

Check it out: on the 12th there was a news story about a Jordanian shepherd inadvertently witnessed the spontaneous combustion of a flock of sheep, and by today I found a story about a Swedish facility burning spare rabbits to heat the nearby town. (Those Scandinavians are so green!

We’re taking back the planet!

For anyone interested (not sure why you would be), here’s the rest of the story: The burning sheep thing had to do with a local waste treatment facility leaking methane and “organic material” into the ground. The soil became saturated, and when sparks from a grassfire hit the fumes… boom! Roast mutton. Also, this was probably a horrible, horrible thing to see.

The rabbit burning, amazingly, is slightly controversial. Stockholm’s parks are over populated with rabbits, so thousands of them are culled (killed) each year. Last year alone, over six thousand of the rabbits were frozen and trucked to a heat producing facility in Karlskoga, in central Sweden, where they were burned to produce heat for the province of Varmland. How… practical. Some folks have claimed that pet bunnies (or at leat the descendants of released pet bunnies) have been rounded up as well, for chewing on the flowers and shrubs in the parks of Stockholm. They aren’t happy about thee bunny burning, and suggest that a system of shelters be arranged for captured (living) rabbits. Tell that to the shivering people a Varmland. Tell them you’re taking their cheap rabbit-heat.

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plee057 says:

although this is very disturbing. This is still a great thing ,to help the planet!

posted on Wed, 10/14/2009 - 5:53pm

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